April 20, 2019

Friends for Tim Remole Message:

    Two years ago, we fought to get Tim elected so he could fight for our Faith, Family, and Freedom! This year is no different, we must fight again to ensure that Tim Remole stays in office as our State Representative in the 6th District. Tim has been a leader in Missouri's House of Representatives and has passed crucial legislation that will protect us from an over reaching government. Will you join the team and help re-elect Tim Remole?

    Unfortunately, Tim's opponent has chosen to play Washington style politics and blatantly lie about Tim's character. A good name is important to Tim so if you heard the lies and distractions and have any questions, please feel free to contact the below numbers to ask about the truth:

    Missouri Secretary of State - Elections Office - 573-751-4936


    Missouri Dept. of Revenue/Director of Communications - Michelle Gleba - 573-751-8222

Campaign Updates

Faith – Family – Freedom

When I first got involved in politics, years ago, my 3 concerns were Faith, Family, and Freedom. Why? 1. Faith -- President Ronald Reagan said it best: "If we ever forget that we are One Nation Under God, then we will be a nation gone under."  I believe that's as true today as any other time in our history.  2. Family -- Strong families are so crucial to our society. They're what make great kids, great education, good business, healthy relationships, strong … [Read More...]

Proven Leadership.

Representative Tim Remole (6th) has been a proven leader in our community for 40+ years. He's fought for our faith, family, and freedom through local and national advocacy. He's been our State Representative for 2 years. He raised his family in Macon and spent his formidable years going to school in Moberly. He worked for the mines in the 1980s and was a union member, then the plant was shut down. He then began his own painting business which still serves … [Read More...]