January 17, 2019


Tim Remole is a family man, a small business owner, and a committed Christian patriot. Owner of Remole Coatings, LLC, he and his wife Brenda live in Excello, Missouri. Brenda is a registered nurse at Moberly Regional Medical Center in Moberly.

Tim spent most of his teenage years in Moberly before moving to Huntsville where he graduated from Westran High School. Married 34 years, the Remoles have two children. Nathan and Karalee Remole and their two children, Gracie and Levi, live in Springfield. Amy and her husband, Travis Fitzwater, live in Holts Summit, Missouri with their newborn daughter, Sadie.

In 2010, Remole ran for State Representative in District 22. Now that the legislative districts have been redrawn Tim is running for State Representative IN District 6. District 6 includes part of Moberly, all of Macon County, and the eastern portion of Linn County.

As a citizen, Tim has been a conservative leader fighting to defend the freedoms that our U.S. Constitution grants us. He has stood for the protection of the unborn, for traditional marriage, for lower taxes, and for economic solutions for our failing economy. In 2006 Tim stood with Missourians Against Human Cloning as they worked to defeat Amendment 2, the Human Cloning Amendment. He received the Missoui Right to Life endorsement in the 2010 campaign.

Tim is running for State Representative because he believes that the Founding Fathers entrusted our nation to men that were a lot like him. Remole is committed to Jesus Christ, first and foremost. Nothing comes before his relationship to Christ. He is committed to his wife of 34 years and credits much of his continued success and his strength to Brenda, his life partner..

“We must stand firm on the TRUTHS and PRINCIPLES upon which our nation was founded,” Remole says. He believes that the foundational pillars of our nation are:

  • Faith in the one true and living God – the creator of all that is and the giver of life
  • Family as ordained by God, one man and one woman joined in Holy Matrimony for life
  • Freedom that comes from God and that has been entrusted to “We the People”

Tim Remole is a man who wears many hats. No matter where you see him working he is committed to personal integrity and individual responsibility. The organizations that he works for can attest to his commitment to excellence. Remole is described by those who know him and work alongside him as a humble man of great character and wisdom. Tim serves in the Moberly Church of the Nazarene. He is a lifetime member of NRA and received their endorsement in 2010. He supports Missouri Farm Bureau, Eagle Forum, Americans for Prosperity in their stand for conservative values.

Remole pledges to the citizens of district 6, that he will fight for their right to….
.…freedom from unnecessary regulation and governmental intrusion into your daily lives
.…lower taxes and responsible government spending without waste
….bear arms to protect yourself, your household, and your property
….own and run your own business to create more jobs

Tim Remole can be trusted with the best interests of the citizens of District 6. He will not sell out to the powerful lobbyists when they come calling on him in Jefferson City. Opposed to the way that government works in Jefferson City and in Washington, D. C., Remole states that, “ Elections matter…one good man standing in the gap can give other good men the boldness to stand firm for what is good and right for Missouri and for America. I want to be that man and I need your vote for State Representative for District 6”.

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