February 20, 2018

NRA Gives Highest Rating for Candidates to Tim Remole

Tim Remole recently received an “AQ” rating from the NRA- the highest rating a candidate can receive – (NRAPVF.org). Tim is a lifetime member of the NRA and fierce gun rights advocate.

Tim Remole responded by saying, “I’ve been a fierce advocate for the 2nd amendment and gun ownership rights for my entire life. To receive this grade is a real honor as I hold the NRA in the highest regard as an organization that fights for our freedoms. I will continue to fight for our right to bear arms so that we can enjoy the security that comes with owning firearms to protect our families, friends and our freedoms!”

Tim Remole is a lifetime member of the NRA, a small business owner and avid hunter. From a very early age Tim was taught the importance of gun ownership and freedom. He knows the two have worked together in harmony for over two centuries ensuring the Constitution of the United States of America has been, is and will be upheld throughout the years.

For more information, contact the Friends for Tim Remole Campaign Chair, Valinda Freed, at (660) 651-6141 or by email to sweep@socket.net.