February 20, 2018

Proven Leadership.

Representative Tim Remole (6th) has been a proven leader in our community for 40+ years. He’s fought for our faith, family, and freedom through local and national advocacy. He’s been our State Representative for 2 years. He raised his family in Macon and spent his formidable years going to school in Moberly. He worked for the mines in the 1980s and was a union member, then the plant was shut down. He then began his own painting business which still serves customers all around the 6th District today.

Tim has served us well not only in the community, but also in the Missouri Legislature where just this past year he sponsored a bill, House Bill (HB) 1302, which ensures the right of Missourians to use wood burning stoves to heat their homes and businesses. There was a need for this legislation due to the federal Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) continued bureaucratic rule making that would effectively double the price of a wood stove and put many of the manufacturers of the product out of business while unnecessarily regulating wood burning stoves that have been used since the founding of our great country.

We need more common sense in Jefferson City, and you can bet you’ll get that with Representative Tim Remole. He will fight for a limited government, a good education for our children, reduced spending, more of your hard earned money back in your pocket (We believe that citizens spend their hard earned money much more effectively than the government), growth in our economy, and much more.

Representative Remole is a staunch conservative and he asks for your support and vote in this year’s election.

Tim Remole (R) Wins Race for 6th District State Representative — Excello Businessman Tim Remole Humbled and Grateful for Win

Macon/Moberly, November 7th,  2012 – On November 6th, 2012, Republicans across the newly drawn 6th district elected local businessman and leader, Tim Remole, as their State Representative.

“I am humbled and grateful to the Lord for leading the way in this journey.   We have enjoyed traveling the 6th district and getting to know so many people, connecting with friends and gaining the respect and trust of the voters in the district.  I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to the voters and to our campaign volunteers for all of their hard work and support, ” said Remole.

Remole’s campaign focused on creating jobs for the 6th District.  He has pledged to work to remove overbearing regulations that are strangling small business success and to work with businesses and economic developers to create a business-friendly environment in Missouri.

Remole concluded,  “The people of the 6th District and I share a vision for more freedom and less government.  I look forward to representing every citizen of Linn, Macon, and Randolph counties as we work to build a better future for our district and for Missouri .” domain list web design history .

Values We Share, A Leader We Can Trust

Tim Remole is a “Common Sense, No Nonsense” experienced small business leader. He knows that our traditional values of Faith, Family and Freedom are what made this nation great. That is why his consistent conservative message has earned the endorsement of:

  • Missouri Right to Life
  • Missouri Eagle Forum
  • National Federation of Independent Business
  • Missouri Chamber of Commerce PAC
  • American Family Association – “A” Rating
  • NRA – Highest Candidate Rating “AQ”

Tim is a TRUE conservative for State Representative in the 6th district.

Tim Remole understands government doesn’t create jobs, businesses do. He will fight to remove all obstacles strangling small business success. Tim will work with businesses and economic developers to create a business-friendly environment in Missouri.

“Tim Remole’s depth of faith, strong belief in the Constitution and vigorous defense of our basic freedoms is needed in Jefferson City. I wholeheartedly endorse Tim,” said current State Representative Randy Asbury.

Images from the Final Week of the Campaign

Tim and Brenda have worked hard over the last 6 months to meet as many people as possible and introduce themselves to the community on a broader scale. During the final week of the campaign it feels like the final sprint for a long marathon. So, with that in mind, enjoy some of the most recent pictures from the campaign in the gallery below. We hope you’ve had a chance to see Tim and Brenda around lately. Hopefully, after November 6th, you’ll be seeing and hearing a lot more from them as Tim becomes your next State Representative. That can only happen if you vote for Tim Remole on Tuesday, November 6th.

Tim Remole Endorsed by the Business Friendly NFIB

The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), an organization representing small and independent businesses in all 50 states as well as nationally, recently endorsed Tim Remole for State Representative in the 6th district.

“It’s such an honor to receive the distinction of endorsement from the NFIB. I’ve been a member of this organization and truly believe it holds the values of small business dear to its heart. They have fought and succeeded to pass legislation that has helped Missouri businesses succeed in competitive environments. seo competition discovery . They’ve also fought to stop harmful legislation that would’ve inhibited businesses in our state. I’m grateful and honored to be endorsed by this crucial organization,” said Tim Remole.

Tim has been a small business owner for over 20 years providing services to Missourians around the state. As such he’s dealt with employment issues, over regulation from government, high taxes and many other issues that affect business.

Tim Remole Officially Endorsed by the Eagle Forum

On July 25th, Missouri’s chapter of the Eagle Forum, one of the foremost conservative groups in America which has lead the pro-family movement since 1972, officially endorsed Tim Remole as THE candidate for Missouri’s 6th district House of Representatives seat.

The Eagle Forum has been an extremely important part of the conservative movement over the last many decades thanks to the leadership of Phyllis Schlafly and others who have consistently battled with the ideology of the left. They have fought for family values, free market principles, traditional education among many others. But, most of all, they have been steadfast in their desire to ensure FREEDOM for “We the People!”

“I’m honored to have received the endorsement of the Eagle Forum. They’re an ever present and persistent leader in the battle for conservative values in our country, and I’m more than humbled by their support for my candidacy in this race. Mrs. Schlafly, along with many others, have been critical to the success of conservatives for so many years, including President Reagan, and it’s certainly a privilege to be a part of that legacy,” Remole stated.

Tim has been a long time conservative, participating in Tea Parties, conservative action groups, local politics, and community volunteering. He’s a leader in North-Central Missouri who leads by example as a servant, a man who will listen to constituents and make principled decisions to protect Missourians’ freedoms, their rights and the U.S. and Missouri Constitutions. Tim is a common sense, no nonsense Republican who is focused on bringing jobs back to the 6th district and he promises t0 always fight to protect our faith, family and freedom.

For more information about this endorsement, contact Valinda Freed, the Friends for Tim Remole Campaign Chairwoman and Manager by clicking HERE.

District 6 – Maps, information and more

With the redistricting process having just taken place, many people have no idea where their district is, who they should vote for or what the district looks like. Well, hopefully this post will help.

Below you’ll find a map of the 6th district, and if you live there you already know who to vote for (Tim Remole!), and some more information that’s provided from the census information that was compiled.

Click on map to enlarge.

Tee-it up for Remole

The Friends for Tim Remole Campaign will be hosting a golf tournament on June 30th, 2012 beginning in the morning for all of you golf fans. Not only are we excited to see you there, but also we need you there to help elect a REAL conservative to the Missouri House of Representatives in Tim Remole.

Great people will be involved, you’ll get fed (which is nice) and there will be prizes!

We look forward to seeing you there. Find registration information below or you can download and print the PDF registration form by clicking HERE.

 Find the event on Facebook and let us know you’ll be there! Click HERE.