February 20, 2018

Tim Remole Officially Endorsed by the Eagle Forum

On July 25th, Missouri’s chapter of the Eagle Forum, one of the foremost conservative groups in America which has lead the pro-family movement since 1972, officially endorsed Tim Remole as THE candidate for Missouri’s 6th district House of Representatives seat.

The Eagle Forum has been an extremely important part of the conservative movement over the last many decades thanks to the leadership of Phyllis Schlafly and others who have consistently battled with the ideology of the left. They have fought for family values, free market principles, traditional education among many others. But, most of all, they have been steadfast in their desire to ensure FREEDOM for “We the People!”

“I’m honored to have received the endorsement of the Eagle Forum. They’re an ever present and persistent leader in the battle for conservative values in our country, and I’m more than humbled by their support for my candidacy in this race. Mrs. Schlafly, along with many others, have been critical to the success of conservatives for so many years, including President Reagan, and it’s certainly a privilege to be a part of that legacy,” Remole stated.

Tim has been a long time conservative, participating in Tea Parties, conservative action groups, local politics, and community volunteering. He’s a leader in North-Central Missouri who leads by example as a servant, a man who will listen to constituents and make principled decisions to protect Missourians’ freedoms, their rights and the U.S. and Missouri Constitutions.┬áTim is a common sense, no nonsense Republican who is focused on bringing jobs back to the 6th district and he promises t0 always fight to protect our faith, family and freedom.

For more information about this endorsement, contact Valinda Freed, the Friends for Tim Remole Campaign Chairwoman and Manager by clicking HERE.