February 20, 2018

Proven Leadership.

Representative Tim Remole (6th) has been a proven leader in our community for 40+ years. He’s fought for our faith, family, and freedom through local and national advocacy. He’s been our State Representative for 2 years. He raised his family in Macon and spent his formidable years going to school in Moberly. He worked for the mines in the 1980s and was a union member, then the plant was shut down. He then began his own painting business which still serves customers all around the 6th District today.

Tim has served us well not only in the community, but also in the Missouri Legislature where just this past year he sponsored a bill, House Bill (HB) 1302, which ensures the right of Missourians to use wood burning stoves to heat their homes and businesses. There was a need for this legislation due to the federal Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) continued bureaucratic rule making that would effectively double the price of a wood stove and put many of the manufacturers of the product out of business while unnecessarily regulating wood burning stoves that have been used since the founding of our great country.

We need more common sense in Jefferson City, and you can bet you’ll get that with Representative Tim Remole. He will fight for a limited government, a good education for our children, reduced spending, more of your hard earned money back in your pocket (We believe that citizens spend their hard earned money much more effectively than the government), growth in our economy, and much more.

Representative Remole is a staunch conservative and he asks for your support and vote in this year’s election.